Arts and Thefts


Middle school retrieval specialist Jeremy Wilderson must team up with preteen private detective Becca Mills once again to solve his most mind-boggling case yet in this action-packed MAX novel.

Ahh, summer vacation! Jeremy Wilderson, Scottsville Middle School’s first (and only) retrieval specialist, is enjoying a slower-than-usual season of retrieving (NOT stealing) lost objects in order to help the under thirteen population of Scottsville.

But crime doesn‚Äôt take a vacation! And when sabotage strikes Scottsville‚Äôs event of the year‚ÄĒthe Summer Art Show‚ÄĒthreatening to ruin the burgeoning painting career of Jeremy‚Äôs best friend, Case, it‚Äôs up to Jeremy to figure out what‚Äôs going on. Of course, his archrival Becca Mills, who just happens to think Jeremy, Case, and their friend Hack are involved in the crime, is also looking into it.

Jeremy has only a few precious hours to stop the sabotage before more contest entries‚ÄĒand kids‚Äô dreams‚ÄĒare slashed and burned.

But Jeremy’s specialty is retrieval…not detective work! The only solution is to team up with Becca to solve the case, something Jeremy’s not exactly thrilled to do. Not to mention, he has to keep his alliance with Becca a secret from Case and Hack, who will disown him if they see him working with the enemy. Somewhere between being stuck inside an air vent and slathered in red paint, Jeremy has to wonder: is he in over his head?