Success on the Spectrum: One Mans Life Journey With Undiagnosed Autism


Autism is often misunderstood by mainstream society. Colin takes us on a journey through the key moments in his life with undiagnosed Autism. The added struggles with Dyslexia, Dysgraphia & Dyscalculus are all part of who he is. There are sad times, funny times, times when he felt disdain for himself, but an underlying drive to carve out a life of normality is always there. A graduate of Edinburgh University shows to people that those on the spectrum are not daft or simpletons, only that they process information differently. A long term advocate against injustice he volunteers with many organizations in Scotland giving up his free time to talk about autism. In this short book, it is hoped that the reader will get a greater appreciation of the condition and recognizing that people on the spectrum have many valuable qualities to offer and give parents the impotence to continue support throughout their life journey and help them have Success on the Spectrum.

Lukija: Colin Williamson