Rain Meditation - A Summer Rain Fantasy Travel & Autogenic Training, Rain Sounds


Relax and recharge with the soothing rain sound. The rain triggers thoughts - imagination - like freshness, peace, growth and purity in us. This imagination promotes a healing power in us.

In this 20 minute rain meditation we take you into nature. Experience the natural spectacle inwardly, how a rain comes up. Step into inner contemplation with the even sound of the raindrops and let new life develop in you.

After the longer rain phase, the rain will leave and you will feel the new freshness after the summer rain. Nature blossoms in new splendour and you feel refreshed and well.

By the calm, clear voice and the spatial, gentle sounds you arrive fast into a deep relaxation. The combination of autogenic training and fantasy journey supports your holistic well-being and especially promotes/activates your self-healing powers. Your mental resources are awakened and immersing yourself in the beautiful images of your fantasy enables you to relax better in the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

At the end you get 10 minutes of pure rain sound for your own rain meditation or to fall asleep.